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When an iPhone camera is not enough

It’s very tempting, in this day and age, to upload every blurry, low-res, bleached out, Instagrammed, badly-framed jpeg that you took with that ‘really good’ camera that nestles in the back of your mobile phone. Fair enough. But it’s not really photography, is it? It’s the internet equivalent of a an Kodak/Fuji cardboard and plastic lens disposable camera. Good fun for about 20 seconds, enough to raise a smile before you delete it two months later.


Carlos Checa: Careless Chucker no more

Carlos Checa DucatiCarlos Checa. Widely presumed to be a washed-up, heading for retirement, not as good as he used to be (and he wasn’t that great anyway, no?) rider looking for another couple of years topping up his pension fund in the World superbike championship. Uh-huh. World superbike champion 2011.


Rossi? Didn’t he used to be good?

Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1The struggles of Valentino Rossi on his Ducati MotoGP bike (GP 11, GP 11.1, GP 12, etc) are well known. But there’s a creeping fear that Rossi has had enough and is losing heart. The Italian dream team of  Rossi and Ducati might turn out to be (whisper it) the worst marketing disaster in the history of Italian motorcycling. So here’s a picture of him on the last bike he ever won a MotoGP race on…

Who needs closed roads?

Tour of Britain cyclingThe Tour of Britain. Why wouldn’t it work? Why wouldn’t it attract a bit of a crowd and mainstream media interst? It’s ironic, when Alan Rushton and his Sport For Television outfit struggled to push road cycling into the limelight in the 1980s and early 1990s, that Olympic Games track success has raised cycle racing’s profile so high.