About us

Well, now you’ve opened the Biscuit Tin, what’s inside? What can we tempt you with? The Tin actually contains various talents, a bit like a biscuit assortment, but there’s no nasty plain biscuits that nobody wants. You know the type, those bland, pale, already soft ones that you need to be desperate to eat.

The Biscuit Tin started out as a sales tool, selling words and photography (but it’s turned out we don’t really need it to do that). So instead it’s turned out to be a platform for some words and pictures about the things that interest us. Bikes, mostly. Feel free to get in touch, to complain, to point out mistakes, to offer observations or to suggest stories and subjects.

The Biscuit Tin is ‘curated’ (ha!) by Kenny Pryde and Graeme Brown who refill the tin, empty the crumbs and add some fresh packets of silica to keep the contents reasonably fresh and crisp.