Welcome to Biscuit Tin Media

The obvious plan for this Biscuit Tin Media website was to act as an advert. These days its inconceivable that a journalist and photographer wouldn’t have a presence on the web. So we put up this website. As became quickly apparent, we didn’t really need a digital advert floating in cyberspace. So it has slowly transformed into half-blog, half-website.

If you are interested in commissioning work – words or pictures – feel free to get in touch. We can do whatever you want and deal with whatever you need in whatever media platform you want.

We’ve got decades of experience in every medium and platform worth bothering about. Which is to say that although we  started out using manual typewriters, Ilford HP5 and linotype, we’re up to speed with Android tablets, the DS3 and using CS5. The jargon might have changed, but the essentials remain the same – combining the right words with superb images in whatever platform you want. Content is still king!

It’s all in the Tin, so dig in and have a rummage.

Kenny Pryde

Biscuit Tin Media: for everything on two wheels.